Client Overview

Project Homecoming is one of the leading non-profit organizations in New Orleans that continues to help people find their homes, whether they're first time homebuyers or displaced New Orleanians returning to their neighborhood. I loved working with this team to help design and build the new Project Homecoming website. The work they're doing is still so needed down here and their finished product is such high quality. The people working at Project Homecoming are smart and passionate and understand that branding, marketing, and web design are incredibly effective means toward their achieving their organization's goals.

2013 – Present

Project Homecoming SalesForce Integration

The most notable part of this project – aside from the design and customized WordPress admin setup – is the integration between the WordPress site and SalesForce; Project Homecoming has been using SalesForce to track their volunteer and staff output for years so we knew from the get-go that we'd gain a lot by putting this data to work. I designed and built a custom WordPress/PHP plugin to regularly pull data from their SalesForce account and turn it into manageable, updatable WordPress "objects" that could then be embellished, sorted, and manipulated using WordPress and all of it's features. This project was rolled out over many phases and continues to evolve, but the major data points we pull in from SalesForce are:

  • Projects : Donations, volunteer hours, staff, project address, current build phase, etc.
  • Staff : Bios and other personal info, when they started working for PH, relational data (behind the scenes stuff to connect which Staff on which project, etc. )
  • Volunteer Organizations : More behind the scenes number crunching to tally the number of trips led by the organization and how many total volunteer hours they contributed, which projects they worked on.

This type of integration can work with any company or organization that uses SalesForce and WordPress, so please get in touch if this is something you're interested in.