My name is Eli Silverman and I make the internet.

I’m a New Yorker living in New Orleans, and I work with businesses to establish strong brands and fluid workflows. I build websites, design for both screen and print, create custom software and business tools on the web, and offer creative direction for design projects, both digital and physical.

Below is a selection of projects for you to browse.


If you’re interested in working together, please email me at [email protected].


Concordia Architecture & Planning

Comprehensive site redesign for New Orleans-based architecture firm Concordia. This custom WordPress theme features an unique responsive design for every page to allow for an optimal user experience on mobile devices. The Concordia Theme was also shipped with a fully customized WordPress installation to allow for easy management of the Projects, Staff Members and Blog content.

Designed in collaboration with Patrick Jones.

Reginelli's Pizzeria

In the second half of 2013, I worked with Reginelli’s Pizzeria to completely redesign and restructure their website. The site was updated in conjunction with their newly-tuned logo and print materials, and I was lucky enough to work closely with Adam Newman, the graphic designer leading Reginelli’s new direction. We aimed to develop a web experience that incorporates elements of Reginelli’s print and space design, while still acknowledging the web as an independent medium; flatter design, visual cues dropped along the way to help guide users, and a thoroughly-considered cross-device experience (“responsive design”).

The site was built on WordPress, customized to allow Reginelli’s to manage their Menus, Locations, Accolades, media and text content in a straightforward and powerful way.

Ben Baker Photo

Portfolio website for New York-based photographer, Ben Baker.

NolaVie is an online publication that features Life & Culture in New Orleans. The site was completely redesigned in the first part of 2013 to include a robust Front Page with hand-picked featured content . A flexible and powerful management system built right on top of WordPress allows the site to be managed easily by the editorial staff.

Pizza Delicious

A website for Pizza Delicious, a Bywater pizza joint run by local pizza gurus and long-time friends Mike Friedman and Greg Augarten.

Toups Meatery - Website

WordPress site for a contemporary Cajun Restaurant in New Orleans. Features “live” menus customized to read just like the menus in the restaurant.


WordPress site for New Orleans restaurant Boucherie. The menu pages feature dynamic Single Platform integration and styling. It is also built with responsive design principles to allow for accessibility on any screen size.

Don Downey

WordPress site for filmmaker and writer Don Downey. Designed by Nathaniel Kusinitz.

Browser Marketshare Graph

This dynamic chart displays market share statistics for the top browsers in the U.S. It is built almost exclusively in Javascript. Initially built as a tool to demonstrate why building websites that accommodate Internet Explorer 7 or older is not cost effective.

Rich Campanella

Javascript-heavy site built for acclaimed New Orleans historian and author, Richard Campanella.