Client Overview

When I first moved to New Orleans at the end of 2008, I was hired as a prep cook at Boucherie where I learned a ton about food, cooking, and how to move quickly (well, quicker than when I was first hired, at least...). The restaurant had just opened its doors and was still in need of a logo and website so I volunteered my services. That design work turned out to be the first crucial link in my connection to the restaurant scene down here, a community that has offered a lot of professional opportunities since then.

2009 – Present


Boucherie is a restaurant that evolved from a legendary food truck called Que Crawl (short for barbeque) but fondly nicknamed The Purple Truck by fans and staff alike. The truck is painted K&B Purple, so in the branding process, that became the obvious main color for Boucherie. The logo for the restaurant was to pay homage to the owners' bootstrapping roots, while implying a comfortable atmosphere, elevated Southern cuisine, and a tip of the hat to Cajun, New Orleanian, and French culture. After exploring several different styles, we landed on what you see here.

Boucherie Logo

WordPress Site

This WordPress installation features a custom menu management section that allows Boucherie to update its menus easily, and allows the menus to be searchable and styled as close to the printed menus as possible. The menu pages, as well as the rest of the site, are built with responsive design principles to allow for accessibility on any screen size.

The images featured on the site were taken by the talented Claire Bangser.

Website Menus & Management

Managing menus can be a real pain for restaurateurs – I've seen a manager tasked with updating a handful of outdated Word documents with low-resolution and/or skewed logo images. And, on top of that, they then have to update their social media and website menus by exporting a PDF and uploading it and maybe even entering it manually can see it gets pretty redundant!

In order to combat this, I try to setup online menus that are styled beautifully, searchable and if configured properly (like at Pizza D), the menus can even be printed directly from the website. No need to update that Word file!

The images below demonstrate the kind of WordPress customization I deliver that allows restaurants to easily manage their menus using a table that converts to beautifully styled and searchable menu pages.

Business Cards

Boucherie asked me to design two different business cards for them: one "mini card" for customers to take away with them, and one for the owners and management to give out in more one-on-one situations.

The mini card is more playful and uses a pig silhouette drawn by one of the owners, James – an image that was also carved into the gable of the Creole Cottage in which the original restaurant was located.

For the higher-end cards, I worked closely with local printmaker and letterpress expert John Fitzgerald to create some beautiful, debossed, heavy-gague cards.

Boucherie Mini Business Cards
Boucherie Sign on Jeannette Street


A simple sign was created for Boucherie on Jeannette St, and when they moved around the corner to Carrollton Ave, we upped the ante slightly, adding extruded letters and making it out of a sturdier, thicker material. OPA Signs & Graphics was tremendously helpful in executing this newer sign.