In Spring 2017 while working in at The Warehouse – a beautiful coworking space in the Bywater neighborhood – I met Steve Nutting and Chris St. John, the energetic and driven duo behind Capulet.

Adjacent to the shared workspace, there was a massive part of the building that had been sitting unoccuppied for years and these guys had the vision of opening a restaurant and event space there. After I stepped their team through a discovery process to help align their brand vision internally, they hired me to develop a logo, print collateral and their website.

It was a wonderful group to work with and I'm quite proud of the design work that came out of it. We went through a number of different stock typefaces then moved to hand-lettering, ultimately landing on what you see below; an homage to the buried cobblestone in the historic neighborhood, the train tracks that run down Press street just half a block away, the archways of the facade of the building, and of course, the ever-present perfect food (according to Chris), the sandwich.